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Monday morning is not a favourite for many since it means the return to work and/or school.  But what if, as you worked, so did your desk?  Would it inspire you to do any more work?


Eddi Törnberg’s prototype Unplugged desk is rather utilitarian looking and there are plugs running all over the place.  However, in this case, function trumps form as the desk produces the energy required to run office electronics through everyday activities.

Created as part of his thesis, Eddi says Unplugged captures energy in three (3) ways: piezoelectricity (from the carpet), the Seebeck effect (through the chair), and photosynthesis.

“The energy is generated through the pressure of the person walking on the carpet, through the body heat of the person sitting on the chair, through the plant’s natural acids and sugars, and through the heat from the electronics on the desk.  The concept thereby moves sustainable…

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